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Eridu - Enki - 10-24-2018

Server: [NA-E] Luna
Kingdom: Alesia
Dutchy: Saorsa
County: Myst'elheim

Those who wish to learn of the arts of healing, herbalism, or animal taming among any craft they can imagine are welcome here!

This town is dedicated to the development of medical technology, medicines, and the uses of all the natural ingredients to be found in the world to aid the races of Mann in recovering from this plague and every other illness and ailment out there. If you are interested in learning how to heal or simply becoming involved in such a community then feel free to join us in our mission.

All races are accepted and we ask you keep an open mind in all things. Not everything is as it seems and not every person who they seem! We take in everyone from any walk of life so long as they are willing to contribute to the village in whatever way they can!

Of course, we don't only want healers, craftsman of all kinds are welcome to join. Even if you are a wandering adventurer, feel free to become a part of our community. You never know where you will end up but how nice is it to have somewhere you can always go back to?

So come and join us as we pave a way forward together!