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Royal Duchy of Xeilias - Phyllain - 05-16-2018

As the beating heart of the Kingdom of Alesia, the Royal Duchy of Xeilias is home to societies, businesses, and guilds that provide for the kingdom. Xeilias is the central hub that fuels the entire realm. Elite combat forces train and serve in Xeilias for the protection of the royals and the kingdom at large. The scale of trade and contracts, served for the betterment of Alesia, draw ambitious entrepreneurs, master craftsmen, and dedicated artisans of all kinds. Official organizations, councils, and institutions are headquartered in the Royal City which is the official capital of the Kingdom of Alesia. For those who seek fame, fortune, or the chance to do something on a royal scale, the Royal Duchy of Xeilias welcomes you.

RE: Royal Duchy of Xeilias - Phyllain - 05-16-2018

Longer post to come soon. tm