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Grand Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth - Anaman - 05-13-2018

Grand Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth

Welcome to the Grand Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth, where we achieve Domination Through Any Means. I come before you this day to make you aware of the wonderful opportunities available within my lands. The Diùcachd is run by Diùc Daibhidh Anaman. His Primary Advisory Council is currently made up of Builder Aurum and Shadow Cheshire.

We are sworn to Xeilias' banner, which we require all Gentry-level subjects and above (Counts/Countesses and Barons/Baronesses) to join should they wish to be a part of our Diùcachd.

What is our purpose?

Grand Diùcachd Neart Agus Sìth is primarily focused on our military. However, we highly value education--for without education, who can truly be at their best. We hope to attract researchers, crafters, merchants, one and all to grow and prosper within our Diùcachd.

Who are we looking for?

In a sentence or less, loyal subjects that wish to live their life in prosperity and under the benevolent protection of a fierce lord. Duke Anaman will protect the people that live and work in my lands with the ferocity of a sheepdog protecting his flock.  Whatever you wish to do, we want to be the Diùcachd that you love to live in. Xeilias has earned their fierce reputation through unity  and entertainment. We will zealously defend our lands, citizens, and allies--a group we hope to soon count you among

You can join us on Discord at just ping me Duke_Anaman or Count Aurum (Vo).