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Town of Harmonia - TheDarkLight - 04-24-2018

[Image: 2zsslk8.png]
*The Town of Harmonia currently has no set county and is in the Duchy of Vitalis*

The Town of Harmonia will focus on becoming a hub for trading and a place where people can set up their businesses to obtain wealth. That means any person with the motivation to run any sort of business or guild will be not only be wanted, but welcomed into the community with open arms. With this, since we plan to become a trading hub, businesses will be able to work together to gather certain materials or equipment. Business owners won't compete in Harmonia, but work together to triumph over the competition. The world of Elyria will likely be a very competitive place, and it's up to us to make our mark in the game together.
Since we plan on becoming a trading hub, any business owner will be needed.
Any kind of solider, adventurer or traveler. 
Explorers, Cartographers, etc.
Business Owners - Establish the town as a trading hub in the world.
Soldiers, Etc. - Help protect outgoing and in going shipments of goods. 
Explorers. Etc. - Map out the most efficient and safe roots for goods to travel. (Also may be interested in finding treasure and relics...)
Merchants- Responsible for shipping the goods back and forth
The formation of these groups will help to smoothly run all business in and out of the town, while keeping the products safe.
For More Information, or to join contact me at:
-  Discord: TheDarkLight#5346
-  Comment Below

(P.S. Keep in mind that small changes may be made to the description and goals of Harmonia as more aspects of the game are released.)
(P.S.S. Also keep in mind that jobs will be a lot more complicated than what is listed above, there will be sub-categories to each one and people likely will have multiple jobs)

RE: Town of Harmonia - Mydas - 06-03-2018

We're glad to have you in Vitalis, DarkLight!