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Kaer Nef'hen - † Crux † - 04-22-2018

Duchy: The Royal Duchy of Xeilias
County: Xeilias
Fort: Kaer Nef'hen

Kaer Nef'hen, which means "Old Heavens Keep", aims to be the tip of the spear of siege combat and infiltration tactics in the kingdom.

[Image: kaernefhen_crest-signed.png]

Kaer Nef'hen aims to be the tip of the spear in siege tactics and operations. to achieve this we need craftsmen, researchers, architects, and engineers to help create the most innovative engines of war. 

The Thorns, a special unit under the direct control of the Baron, will be trained in various skills, such as parkour, fast takedowns, and various deviant skills. I plan to raise the fame or infamy of our army so that our banner is known and respected across the 6 kingdoms. 

In addition to these, by incorporating new research and development into the everyday lives of the residents of Kaer Nef'hen we hope to improve productivity and quality. Whatever your dream is we will try to help you achieve it.

self-sustainability is also a necessity to reach to become effective and beneficial part of the kingdom. To reach this goal we'd need miners, craftsmen, farmers, builders, etc.


Kaer Nef'hen is a place for all people to come to learn, train, and be a productive member of society in almost any job, though the main focus will be warfare. As such, It will be a place that proudly exhibits it's ancient stone defenses and weapon superiority to deter any enemy from attacking and prepare those who do to lose their lives. The people who live here work and train hard to stay above the opposition but live happy and hearty lives with the bonds they make with their companions who will fight by their side, and festive pubs.


The Fort is led under the command of the Baron, with four council members and three squad commanders. Until laws are firmly put into place, there will be a code of conduct that members must follow. Justice for deviating from the code will be ruled over by the Baron or one appointed to the position. 


No matter the tribe you are from we will try to put all inherent skills and talents to the best use possible, while still supporting your own playstyle and goals.

[Image: kaer_nefhen_banner_smaller.png]