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[Vitalis] County of Berne - Crov - 04-16-2018

''Where there's Beer, there's Berne''

Hello! I’m Crov, Count of Berne. Are you a Mayor, Baron or Citizen interested in the culinary business, manufacturing or trade? Do you envision living in a county producing goods vital for a pleasant life in Elyria? If so, let’s talk over a beer or two.

The County of Berne is a commercial hub located in the Duchy of Vitalis, where we focus on three core businesses: Trade, Agriculture and Brewing. We are planning and working with Counts, Mayors and Citizens to establish a network of beneficial synergetic cooperation. For example, the Von Krieg’s family business setting up one of its lumber mills in our county. Giving us a stable supply of wood needed for various processes.

In the County we have two active organisations: The Vitalis Procurement Company (VPC) and the Ecclesiarchy of Vitalis. The VPC is an organization which I co-founded. It is a cross county trading organization having ties with several counties in Vitalis. The Ecclesiarchy is a Duchy-approved Virtori religion, which maintains a focus in the moral and societal development of the common citizens, promoting a healthy atmosphere for deep community ties and roleplay events.

Interested in realizing your Alésian dream in the County of Berne? Post, PM or find me on Discord. Crov#5436