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Town Keberanan possible Barony. - Lockheart - 04-15-2018

Welcome to Town Keberanian

Our goal is simple, to research and supply soldiers and weaponry to our Marquis and Duchess. We need Masons, Smiths, Carpenters and Soldiers. Those who love and strive in PVP and who love the glory of combat are always welcome to my town. Soldiers will most likely see action and will lead the charge in protecting our borders. This is not a post to try and sell this town to you. This post is to find those who have the ambition and strength of a warrior. Message if you feel that you would like to be a part of this town and see how your ambition rewards you. 

In the case a Mayor sees this. My Lord, Marquis of Vetiveir is looking for more ambitious Mayors who may be interested in the same as mentioned above or resource gathering to our Marquis city. Mayors with different ideas are still welcome. 

County of Vetivier

Kind Regards 
Alexander Lockheart, Duchy of Rhyddid

To unlock ones valour is to unlock ones heart.