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Chiron Academy - Enki - 10-24-2018

Chiron Academy

Server: [NA-E] Luna

HQ: Eridu

Type of Organization: Academy

Dedicated to all things medical and all things that could be medical. Here at Chiron Academy, you will learn everything you need to know about medicine and treatments including pharmacology, toxicology, surgery, and practical medicine. We constantly push the barrier of efficiency and progress, striving to make a lasting mark and improvement for all of Mannkind. The Academy goes beyond borders and transcends race as we attempt to improve the lives and life expectancy of all Mannkind equally!

Medicine does not belong to any one race, and we exemplify that notion at our main teaching hospital in Eridu! Come to be treated, and stay to learn. Surviving the rough and tumble wilds isn't merely a matter of being the fastest, the toughest, or the smartest. Out there, it is also a matter of being able to nullify anything that may come your way! Inoculation has already been discovered, join us in the next frontier of medicine and help discover that much more!


Good facilities for research and experienced teachers!

Relationships with various other organizations to do with healing