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County of Aeterna - Kronos Phoenix |⍲| - 10-20-2018

County of Aeterna

Server: NA-E [Luna]
Kingdom: Alesia
Duchy: Royal Duchy of Xeilias
County: County of Aeterna

In the County of Aeterna, we will focus on magic, science, trade, economics, history, and the arts. Overall, we strive to create a better future for all of Elyria.
The County of Aeterna has a reserved spot in the royal duchy of Xeilias. There is a strong likelihood of there being quite a bit of prime real estate within the county, seeing as though Xeilias will be among the first duchies to be claimed within Alesia.

I will be coordinating a group of wealthy individuals within the county for the purpose of pooling money and resources together for the less wealthy. This money will only be used for individuals we believe can make a huge difference. After these individuals present their ideas, we will then decide which one we would like to contribute to. Those who join this group and choose to contribute will also get some various benefits in exchange for their contributions. Also, anyone who joins the County of Aeterna  before Prelyria will have land sold to them at a 75% discount. The amount of land sold at this discount price will depend on the needs of the individual purchasing the land.

I will also hold meetings regularly, during which we shall discuss anything pertaining to the county. Such meetings are optional, but will provide great opportunities to get to know one another and establish valuable connections. Everyone is welcome at these meetings, even if you are not yet an established land owner. We are currently looking for residents from all walks of life, no matter the pledge package bought. All are welcome in the County of Aeterna.

For those who are interested, here is a link to the County of Aeterna discord:
Please feel free to message me with any questions, comments, or concerns. I welcome any and all constructive criticism.